Pet and Wildlife Photographer Featured in the Journal of the Royal Photographic Society

My photographs have been widely published over the years and I feel privileged to have been featured in some of the world’s leading photography magazines. The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society is one of the best-known and most respected photography publications, and I’m delighted to have been interviewed for the June 2015 edition. I’m a portrait photographer by definition but as you’ll have seen from this wing of the business, I also create portraits of animals, wildlife and pets. In the article I talk about how I approach my work and some of the constraints animal photographers face.

I’ve won a number of awards and distinctions for my fine art animal portraits and I’m pleased to have done my bit to put animal photography on the map. In fact it’s the animal photography which brought me to the attention of camera manufacturer Olympus, for whom I’m an independent brand ambassador. I downscaled my equipment a couple of years ago due to career limiting joint pain, and I’ve enjoyed a number of fringe benefits ever since. Not only can I comfortably carry all the equipment I need in one fairly modest shoulder bag, small or timid subjects such as animals or young children aren’t intimidated by the size of my camera. I can keep working for longer, and I don’t always need an assistant to help me carry my kit.

The feature centered around animals found on a local farm (with the exception of the Polecat).


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