How do I book a session with you?
Simply send us a message or better still pick up the phone! We’ll have chat about your needs before you book, so you’re fully aware of how our service works and the costs. You'll receive a copy of our terms and conditions before you pay and some tips on how to prepare for your pet photoshoot

What animals do you photograph?
All kinds, providing the environment is suitable and there is no risk to them or to us. I've photographed rare farm breeds, small rodents, and even giant millipedes

What areas do you cover?
We offer pet and animal portrait photography throughout most of South East and Southern England, and further afield by special arrangement. Most of our clients are in west Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. We've served clients in Brighton, Worthing, Horsham, Chichester, Guildford and Portsmouth

What’s your photographic style?
Natural and spontaneous, with some controlled and more formal photographs where appropriate. Our fees section contains plenty of pictures of our typical imagery in the products we sell

What about the very dramatic portraits with the black backgrounds?
These are our fine art portraits, many of which feature in the press. They're usually specialist commissions. If you're interested in one of these please let us know when you book. There's a surcharge for the dedicated processing these images require

Does my pet need to be obedience trained?
No, but it does help to broaden the range of photographs we can attempt on the day. However if your pet is extremely boisterous or nervous, hard to contain, or shows signs of aggression then we'll advise you wait until she or he is more socialized

Are you insured?
Of course, we carry full liability and indemnity cover

Do you have any qualifications?
I've reached the highest accreditation achievable within the photography industry – I'm a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography and The Societies. As well as being widely published in the photographic press, I spent several years as a brand ambassador for Olympus UK and I've won many awards for people portraiture, animal photography and wildlife, and fine art photography. I've been a full time photographer since 2009

Where will my session take place?
Usually we’ll start at your home, moving on to somewhere scenic (such as a favourite walk, woodland, beach, or anywhere you feel is special). Rest assured your house doesn't need to be posh!

How long does the session last?
For up to 3 participants please allow a couple of hours (a bit longer if we’re moving between locations, or if your pets are  young). If you have more than 3 subjects please let us know and we'll suggest the right level of coverage

Does the session fee include any photos?
No. Your reservation/session fee covers our travel (within 20 miles), around 2 hours of photography on location, your editing and processing, and your viewing and product consultation. Your photographs are then purchased separately in the form of wall items, albums, or boxed print collections

How long does it take before I see the pictures?
For our standard sessions please allow a couple of weeks for post production and proofing. We'll then arrange for you to visit our home office to view the images and choose your products

How many photos will you show us?
This varies hugely depending on the type of animal, its behaviour, age and personality, and the location(s)

What sort of products do you sell?
Everything from fabulous wall presentations (including classic bespoke mounting and framing, modern canvases and framed canvases, vintage frames and acrylics) to fine quality handmade albums

How long does it take for products to arrive?
All of our goods are handmade to order and we suggest allowing 2-3 weeks for wall items and up to 5 weeks for our heirloom albums

Can I just buy a pack of loose prints or a small desk frame?
I'm afraid not, we offer a bespoke service investing many hours in each customer and we would be running at a considerable loss if we offered unframed photographs or a desktop print in the first instance. However you’re very welcome to purchase these after you’ve made your choices from our main product menu


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