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This is a very cute and much loved little friend of mine, but she’s a dynamo of energy so getting some shots of her always involves a workout. Shooting indoors usually means that the light isn’t all that great. This isn’t a problem if your subject is static, but a moving subject requires a shutter speed fast enough to freeze motion. This usually means bumping up the ISO. Natural light like this works very well for the kind of photography I mostly do, given that supplementary lighting isn’t ideal where some pets or animals are concerned. However bouncing a bit of flash over your shoulder into a white wall can be very helpful and will not startle the animal.

I like slightly quirky, characterful shots, and I really like the way this little cat’s profile was framed between two stair spindles. Cats can be very tricky subjects to photograph, since many are playful and inquisitive and will not want to stay where you put them! Patience is key and timing is everything so that we can capture interesting moments which show the animal’s personality. We sometimes need the help of the owner or handler for this, and we’ll guide the owner as to their task for each scene that we envisage. It’s really important that there are no additional distractions for the pet. If there are other family members about this can make it more difficult for us to get a good range of shots for our clients. If the family would like to be present then we would recommend a family photography session instead, where we’ll include the pets.

Pet Cat Photography at Home Worthing West Sussex
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