Professional Imagemaker Magazine Interview June 2014

Several years ago when I started to build a full-time photography business, I used to wait in anticipation for the heavy thud of Professional Imagemaker magazine landing on the doormat. I used to stare in awe (which I still do) at the amazing photographers featured in the heavy glossy pages and I would do my best to take inspiration from them. At that time, it didn’t occur to me that I would become one of the photographers featured the magazine. In fact when we first embark on our photographic careers we have no real idea what the future will hold. We know that the vast majority of aspiring professionals will never succeed and we gradually learn that photography as a business is so much tougher than we had ever anticipated. The hours are long, the competition is ruthless, and it’s hard to put into words what it takes to stay at the top of the game. But with relentless hard work and study (and the kind of sacrifices which many people wouldn’t even contemplate – perhaps wisely) it is possible to become an authority in your field. With that comes certain expectations and commitments and it was certainly an honour (and very much an ambition) to appear in this particular journal.

Professional Imagemaker is aimed squarely at professional photographers aspiring to the highest calibre of output, in that regard it is quite unlike any other magazine currently in publication. You’ll receive a subscription to Imagemaker as part of a membership to The Societies, otherwise you can subscribe here: Professional Imagemaker Magazine

The annual Societies Convention (each January, in London) attracts a fantastic speaker list and I’d advise booking early if you want to attend any of the Superclasses. Masterclass tickets can be ordered at any time and I’d suggest turning up early at some of the more popular classes in order to guarantee a seat. I’m speaking on the Sunday afternoon and my seminar will be on the subject of fine art pet and animal portraiture.