Fine Art Horse Photographer Guildford Surrey

As a former horse owner it’s no surprise I have an interest in these magnificent animals. And as a pet and human portrait photographer I’ll be in my element when given the chance to photograph them. This grey cob is everything I would want in a portrait subject. His shape and form is characteristic of his breed, every muscle is defined and his mane and tail perfectly kept and groomed. His behaviour is kind and cooperative.

Because this particular horse is grey, I decided to create monochrome studies. The slight coloration in his coat would add nothing to the image and might in fact distract from the emphasis on the lines of the horse’s body.

When creating portraits like this the tiniest details can make or break the final result. We could have spent hours mulling over the right way to arrange the long strands of his mane or forelock. You can drive yourself mad with that kind of thing. Sometimes allowing movement to unfold naturally is the best course of action.