Fine Art Pet and Wildlife Photography Surrey | BPPA Gold and Silver Medals

I’ve become known in recent years for my fine art pet and wildlife photography. I was delighted to learn today that one of my animal images has attained a BPPA (British Professional Photographer’s Association) Gold Medal in the Pictorial category. Part of my ongoing personal development involves pushing my image making wherever possible. Entering the top tier industry competitions is a really good way of doing this. It’s also a great way of gauging your progress over the years. This fox was enjoying a late summer afternoon rest and it was easy to sneak up on her. I was doubly pleased to gain a Silver Medal in the Wildlife category for an image of a Fallow Deer stag (this picture can be seen in the Wildlife Gallery).

When it comes to photographing wild animals like this Fox, we don’t have the kind of control we would normally have with a pet dog who is used to people and who is accustomed to commands. Instead, many wildlife and nature photographs are opportunistic and we rely on being in the right place at the right time. This means we often have to react very quickly, and very quietly.

A few things fell in my favour with this particular photograph. First of all it was late in the day so the light was warm and flattering, without being harsh. The fox was sleepy and used to my presence, so she was quite happy to pose for some pictures. And by sheer luck and good fortune she sat under the tree which added a nice bit of framing.


today’s tip

One of the things which can really elevate your wildlife (and portrait) photography is getting the light right. With animals, see if you can catch them on a sunny day before the sun sets in the early evening. This guarantees lovely golden directional light.


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