Red Fox Portrait Surrey | Surrey Animal Photographer

Anyone dedicated to producing pet and animal portraits will tell you that there is no need to be short of subjects. That is very much the case in Sussex or Surrey where I spend a lot of my time, and where I created this red fox portrait. There is always somebody crying out to have their picture taken, you just have to look for them. With a little patience a furry or feathered subject will come along. Being dogs, foxes are pretty good in that respect, they live in both towns and rural villages and will soon become used to you and your camera.

As with all forms of portraiture, look for moments which show something of your subject’s character in respect to their breed, or something of their own personality. I specialise in creating modern pet portraits, and I work entirely outside on location (or in my clients’ homes and gardens) but it is still possible to create photographs which look as if they’ve been taken in a studio, like this fine Art study below. Photography is about getting the light absolutely right, and at the right time of day. Combine this with the right natural background and it’s possible to make good use of the way the light naturally falls away behind our subject.

This image represents our fine art pet photography service. In the first instance all of our furry clients receive our classic pet portrait session of around two hours. We’ll visit you and your pet to gain some natural relaxed photographs at home before moving on to a favourite location or walk for some varied and dynamic images. This allows us to produce a range of natural colour and black and white photographs, perfect for albums, wall montages, or stand alone framed pieces. If you’re looking for a more dramatic wall piece then our fine art pet photography is an additional service, for a small surcharge.

Red Fox Portrait Surrey
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