Pet Bird Photographer Horsham West Sussex Bantam Cockerel

Pets and kept animals come in all forms, shapes and sizes. I live in a rural village and it’s commonplace for my neighbours to go beyond cats and dogs. Hens and other fowl are popular, as are ducks, pigs, goats and in fact a raft of other livestock breeds.

This little fellow is called Zeus, he’s a Dutch Wyandot. And what a character. He was acquired quite by chance, having been found wandering in a nearby hedgerow. The original owner was never identified, so one of my neighbours took him in and added him to their substantial collection of chickens. Where he fitted in rather well. He’s used to people and he absolutely loves attention. If you so much as look at him he’ll start posturing, flapping, and calling. Being a bantam his crow isn’t particularly loud or intrusive, and it certainly is cute. I always know when my neighbours have visitors because Zeus becomes vocal. As he does at any time of the day, and night. I had no idea cockerels could suffer from insomnia, but this little fellow is often wide-awake at 1 AM and 3 AM. As I am as well, and I enjoy hearing him from across the paddock.

This photograph has been beautifully framed and now has pride of place in my neighbour’s living room. Pets are precious, no matter what type of animal they are.

Pet Bird Photographer Horsham West Sussex Cockerel