Pet Dog Photographer Chichester West Sussex | French Bulldog

Pet dog photographers get to meet some of the most adorable furry creatures you can ever imagine. French Bulldogs are so cute and I couldn’t resist that characterful face. These dogs make popular pets with good reason. They’re playful and affectionate without being overly yappy or noisy. They get along well with other dogs and strangers. But this breed does need strong and direct ownership, because it has a tendency towards alpha behaviour if there is no hierarchy. This is sometimes referred to as small dog syndrome. They are good around children providing the child respects the dog and the need for calmness and authority.

Like some of the breeds which have grown more popular in recent years French Bulldogs are not without health problems. Often this can centre around their breathing so care needs to be taken in confined spaces or hot weather. One way of mitigating this is to make sure your French bulldog doesn’t become overweight. These little dogs are more playful than people realise so you do need fairly good energy levels yourself if you intend to own one. They absolutely need to be walked each day just like most other dogs. In fact often the smaller dog breeds are the ones which benefit from and enjoy the most walking. Not only is that excellent exercise (for you as well) it helps to reinforce that the owner is in charge. Just as they don’t like excessive heat, they don’t like excessive cold either.

French Bulldogs live up to 12 years. They do shed, but not excessively. Regular brushing helps to keep the coat healthy but they don’t need formal grooming.

As a point of interest, this is in fact an English breed. It was originally referred to as a toy bulldog. When British owners move to France either for work or marriage, they took their dogs with them and many were bred. This is how they gained the name French bulldog. Hmmm!

I have to say all of the French Bulldogs I’ve met been absolutely delightful, cuddly and loving. Like this gorgeous boy who was enjoying an outing with his new coat.